Quick update

My next exam is in two days, so that should explain the lack of updates. After that I’ve got one to go, but that won’t be until somewhere mid-june.

Some things have happened in the past few weeks, though

  • I went to the offices of a certain search company (not Yahoo!, Msn or Ask Jeeves) to do yet another job interview, this time in person. There’s one small caveat: the place of work is 300 km from where I live, meaning I’d have to relocate. (The work location was not mentioned in the job posting, and I knew they had offices much closer to where I live, so that’s why I applied.)The interview went great, but I don’t really want to relocate that far.
  • Meanwhile, a friend of mine who had recently switched jobs called me for some help configuring the Cisco router for their SDSL line. (As they want to host several servers in house.)
    I went there on a saturday afternoon, and after fixing the problem I jokingly said “don’t forget to recommend me to your bosses, I’m available in july”.
    One week later I get a call from the same friend. “My bosses asked if I knew someone with Linux skills etc, who would fit in here. I recommended you. Here’s my bosses number, give him a call sometime.”
    The next day I call, and we agree for me to send the moments on which I’m available for meeting them (as the boss was not near his agenda at that moment.)
    One day later, we had a chat, and he made me a nice offer.
    Another two days later my contract is signed and I’m a “Linux System Engineer” for a nice IBM Business Partner whose offices are 10 minutes from my home. Who said that finding a job in 2005 was difficult?
  • I got myself a QTek S100 (or a MDA Compact as T-Mobile likes to call it). It came with a German version of Windows Mobile, but thanks to the xda-developers forum I’m now happily running the English version. If only I could find a Dutch dictionary for it (for sending messages using T9 or the on screen keyboard) that’d be great. Overall it’s a wonderful toy.
  • Even more gadgets are on the way: my Powerbook (with Tiger) should be arriving somewhere next week.
  • It’s my sister’s birthday today. No party tough, as she’s currently thousands of km away from home. In two weeks she’ll be back tough, so we’ll have a catch-up party then.
  • And now I urgently need to go back to my books…



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