Category: Jobhunt

  • Quick update

    My next exam is in two days, so that should explain the lack of updates. After that I’ve got one to go, but that won’t be until somewhere mid-june. Some things have happened in the past few weeks, though I went to the offices of a certain search company (not Yahoo!, Msn or Ask Jeeves) […]

  • Back from the snow…

    …after one week in the French Alps. Observations The creative spammers still use subjects that trigger my filters. Tiger isn’t out yet, so I still haven’t ordered my Powerbook. My feeling about the second job interview at the company that is neither Yahoo!, nor Ask Jeeves or MSN Search was right, as they want to […]

  • Job interview, part 2

    Had my second interview today. Some quotes: “very good” “you were actually the first one to give a correct answer to that” “excellent” I can’t help but think that sounds fairly OK.

  • Second interview

    Apparently my feeling about last week’s interview was right, as I’ve got a second interview. Not sure if I can tell which company I’m interviewing with, let’s just say it’s not Yahoo.

  • I’m feeling lucky

    Had a job interview (by phone). I think it went well. We’ll see how it goes. That’s all.