Category: meta

  • Redesign / -launch

    I’m still working on a new, which will hopefully be ready in time for the CSS Reboot Fall 2005. Top priorities (aside from the day job) are a client site and my business site though.

  • “I’m not dead yet”

    a fully revamped is coming soon… stay tuned!

  • Quick update

    My next exam is in two days, so that should explain the lack of updates. After that I’ve got one to go, but that won’t be until somewhere mid-june. Some things have happened in the past few weeks, though I went to the offices of a certain search company (not Yahoo!, Msn or Ask Jeeves) […]

  • early spring

    I’m tired of winter, so I’ve decided spring will start early this year. I will celebrate this with the new WordPress theme “Early Spring”. What you see now is just a preliminary version of this theme. More to come soon.

  • Kubrick

    Currently I’m using the default Kubrick theme for WordPress by Michael Heilemann. It’s very clean, but not exactly what I have got in mind. Be prepared for a new design in a couple of days, Gravatars and all. But now.. time for bed.