Back from the snow…

…after one week in the French Alps.


  • The creative spammers still use subjects that trigger my filters.
  • Tiger isn’t out yet, so I still haven’t ordered my Powerbook.
  • My feeling about the second job interview at the company that is neither Yahoo!, nor Ask Jeeves or MSN Search was right, as they want to meet me in person somewhere next week.
  • Daylight saving sucks. Luckily I was already jetlagged from the bus trip the night before, so I didn’t really notice the hour of sleep that was stolen from me that much. But it still sucks.
  • It seems April fools was funnier on the web, with things like the Planet KDE/Gnome switchover and the ‘borrowed’ Stopdesign redesigns. The Slashdot jokes were lame as always.



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