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  • Back from the snow…

    …after one week in the French Alps. Observations The creative spammers still use subjects that trigger my filters. Tiger isn’t out yet, so I still haven’t ordered my Powerbook. My feeling about the second job interview at the company that is neither Yahoo!, nor Ask Jeeves or MSN Search was right, as they want to […]

  • 2.10

    Coming soon to a distro near you: Gnome 2.10. Congratulations to all those who made it possible. Try it out, it rocks. I’m confident Foresight Desktop Linux will be one of the first to include it out of the box. (In the upcoming 0.5 release.) After that, it’s bye bye Fedora, welcome Foresight. (And maybe […]

  • Foresight Linux

    For the past two days, I’ve been experimenting with Specifix/Foresightlinux. I stumbled upon Foresightlinux on the GnomeLiveCd page on the Gnome Wiki. (I provide a mirror for the Gnome live cd right here.) Foresight is a distribution based on Specifix, which is a distribution that builds on the Conary packaging system. Conary seems like the […]