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  • Blogging from 30000 feet

    As I’m writing this, I am at 30.000 feet, somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco. Up until recently, airplanes were one of the last places where you could spend some time being entirely disconnected from the outside world. Sure, you could place satellite phone calls for $10 per minute, and for some time you could […]

  • De Tijd, voor halve kennis van zaken

    De Tijd verandert aanstaande zaterdag van kleur. In een poging om meer au serieux genomen te worden als zakenkrant neemt de krant de trade dress van The Financial Times over. Deze Engelse krant verschijnt al sinds mensenheugenis op zalmkleurig papier. Mijns inziens zou een terugkeer naar “de Financieel-Economische Tijd” dit meer benadrukken (en kans op […]

  • About the election

    People who’ve been following my Flickr and/or Twitter stream, or who know me in general probably know I’m pretty interested (not to use the world obsessed) in elections in general, and about the U.S. primary season and election season in specific. To quickly sum up my feelings: Joe is Right, Yes We Can. (No, not […]

  • VMworld 2008 – first impressions

    The first day of VMworld 2008 is coming to an end. After a 24-hour trip (thanks to missed connections due to a computer problem at immigration in Chicago – I guess they weren’t using VMware) and a way too short night Partner Day already provided lots of goodness. I won’t repeat everything on this site, […]

  • .eu launch

    Wow.. with more than 700.000 registrations in less than 4 hours, I’d say the .eu launch is a succes. I managed to register some as well, unfortunately I ‘lost’ vermeiren.eu (my surname). Godaddy (and Dotster) seem to be like the big losers of this landrush day. At Namepros.com people are complaining almost none of the […]

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