Coming soon to a distro near you: Gnome 2.10. Congratulations to all those who made it possible. Try it out, it rocks.

I’m confident Foresight Desktop Linux will be one of the first to include it out of the box. (In the upcoming 0.5 release.) After that, it’s bye bye Fedora, welcome Foresight. (And maybe Ubuntu).

If you want to try out 2.10 without messing up your current OS, you can always try the Ubuntu-based live cd, mirrored here. (Note: I’m currently downloading it from the torrent, it should be on my server in about 10 minutes. It’s there.)

Update: It seems my mirror was deleted from the wiki page, as there are now mirrors at RPMFind and ACC. That’s alright.. this just means more bandwidth for Foresight Linux.







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