I’m now officially a switcher. My Powerbook G4 arrived, Tiger pre-installed and all, and I love it.
My first experiences/remarks/questions:

  • The design and engineering is truly fabulous. Little details like the ‘breathing’ power led when the machine is suspended, the contrast and backlight which automatically adjust themselves to the lighting of the room and the led in the power adapter connector which shows the battery status really show the tought put into details.
  • I miss my right-mouse button though.
  • The keyboard is big enough for a laptop, but I find the enter key a bit on the small side. Also, where are the tilde (~) and [square brackets]?
  • The double-finger scrolling with the trackpad is very handy, but I still miss my trackpoint.
  • Battery life and Airport reception are good enough on their own. Compared to my sister’s Centrino laptop they suck.
  • What’s it with the green button? I know that Apple doesn’t want me to maximise my windows, but when I am scrolling trough my music collection I like to use my screen as optimal as possible. So when I click the maximise button (it shows a PLUS for Christ’s sake!) I want my window to become bigger, instead of growing to some ridiculous small window mode nobody uses. Are there perhaps tools that fix this so called ‘usability feature’? It’s driving me absolutely crazy…
  • Other then that, great machine…






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