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I was planning on buying a Powerbook + Cinema display, but I’m wondering if an iBook won’t suffice. It’s quite a bit cheaper, and from what I’ve read the battery lasts a lot longer. Also, the metal housing of the Powerbook seems to create a Faraday cage, severely limiting the wireless performance.

But is the iBook powerful enough to drive a cinema display? (20″ or 23″) I’d like to span my desktop across both the displays, but I can live with mirror mode on higher resolutions. If it isn’t , a Powerbook it is, despite the battery and the wireless reception.

I’ve still got some time to decide, as I’m going to wait for Tiger to come out first. And I need to get some money from my clients before I can order the ciname display (minor detail).






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  1. (db) Avatar

    iBook can do the trick, but getting that monitor is like getting the cart before the horse and using the cart with your dog until you get the horse.

    So Powerbook is the -expensive, but better- way to go.

  2. lode Avatar

    I see. Thanks for the links. I’ve still got some time to decide, as I havent got the money yet, and I’m going to wait for Tiger.. No use in getting Panther (or is it Jaguar) right now and paying 150

  3. oog Avatar

    hola (db), waar heb je die link vandaan? 😉


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