Foresight 0.1

If everything goes well, there should be a first Foresight iso (or isos) available in the next couple of days. This will offer an easier way to discover this fascinating new platform, and the bleeding edge of Gnome goodness like Tomboy, Beagle and Howl.

And what’s more, the isos will be available from your very own! (Hopefully my server will be a bit fast, we’ll look for more mirrors if needed.) So watch this space.

Also, Ken posted a call for artwork. I’m going to invest some hours in that in a couple of days, but now I’m just swamped with deadlines (school, work, other work, …).

Net access
On top of that, my net access is flaky at best, as I’m using my neighbour’s wireless (with his permission) as our DSL at home is down. This surely doesn’t help meeting my deadlines either, as some of them involve uploading big amounts of data to various, slow servers around the country.

The reason for the downtime is we’re switching providers. Normally the old provider wouldn’t shut us off until our new provider was ready, but “Thanks to the overwhelming success of our new offer it may take three to six weeks before your new connection is activated”. So now I’m sitting by our living room window typing this and waiting for my e-mail to arrive, as this seems to be the only place in the house where I can get a decent connection on my laptop.






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