Apple advice wanted

I’m looking into buying a Powerbook + an external display. I’m probably going for a 15″ Powerbook as this seems to provide a nice balance between performance and screen real estate and portability, and a 23″ Cinema Display.

As I’ve never owned a Mac before, I’ve got some questions. First one:

Can I install non-Apple memory, like for example Kingston? I’d like 1 or maybe 2 Gb of memory, but the prices of the upgrades in the Apple store are ridiculous. Kingston offers lifetime warranty, and I can get these at dealer price, so I’d probably save quite a lot, hopefully about 3 inches (to get a 23″ display instead of a 20″). Which models/order numbers do I use?

Update: Found it myself. Other advice?






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  1. Krishna Avatar

    You can use non-Apple memory in your PowerBook. Crucial, Kingston, and any other reputable brands will work best. Go with a company like OWC ( ) or DMS Memory ( ). Good prices, good service – I’ve used them both for several years and have had great service from both companies.


  2. Tom Avatar

    Welcome to the world of miss-information > There is no Apple branded memory. Anywho, welcome to the fold.

  3. Michael Avatar

    Definitely not a problem – I installed “non-Apple” RAM in my Mac when I got it, and it’s been running for almost four years without a single issue.

    Apple charges a premium for RAM when ordered through them; that’s how they make extra money on systems. Get the bare minimum or maybe the next step up, but leave the rest for third-party (of course it depends on the system and what you can actually put in there).

  4. Matt Avatar

    Do opt for a backlit keyboard. It’s that good.

  5. Mick Hamblen Avatar
    Mick Hamblen

    The best place to get RAM is

  6. lode Avatar

    Isn’t the backlit keyboard standard on the 15″ models? I’m definitely getting that, as I’ve found myself working in the dark more than once. My current laptop, an IBM Thinkpad has got a Thinklight, which is really cool too. I’m definitely keeping this laptop as well.

  7. Huw Avatar

    Welcome on board – wherever you buy the ram, make sure you buy lots of it!

  8. Frank Avatar

    Nice choice on the 15 inch PB. If you want to save a lil more with the display you may want to look at Dell displays. Seems many a Mac folk are finding them just as good as Apple’s for much less $$.
    Here’s a link at Macintouch:

  9. Will Doors Avatar
    Will Doors

    As other have said, you can. I even recommend that you not buy memory from Apple since you get more bang for the bucks that way. That being said, you have to be careful from where you buy it. Bad RAM can cause kernel panics. As close to bullet proof as OS X is, it can’t handle bad RAM.

  10. lode Avatar

    Wow. Thanks for the tip on the Dell monitors, they seem nice as well. And indeed, the price difference is significant. Maybe I’m “getting a Dell” and use the saved money on some more ram or something. (What’s really nice is that I can get Kingston ram at wholesale price, so the difference between the Apple prices will be even bigger.)

  11. Frank Avatar

    Wrt to Dell monitors: you’re welcome. I’m a die-hard Apple fan and have bought the 20 inch Apple display. In the future however I will take a peek on the over the fence to see what’s available.

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