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  • Blogging from 30000 feet

    As I’m writing this, I am at 30.000 feet, somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco. Up until recently, airplanes were one of the last places where you could spend some time being entirely disconnected from the outside world. Sure, you could place satellite phone calls for $10 per minute, and for some time you could […]

  • Google talk

    Good move: supporting open standards, and doing it right… And for those of you who still haven’t got a Gmail account: 1. Shame on you 2. contact me for an invite.

  • To: Google

    Look, Google. I don’t really care your job offer’s pay sucked, there are lot’s of other, just as nice (or nicer) jobs out there. I also don’t really care if you want to monitor which search results people click on. Even if it’s by using some sneaky javascript which obfuscates this by faking the link […]

  • Qtek S100

    One of my schoolmates bought a new phone, a Qtek S100 (also known as MDA Compact, iMate Jam, OD XDAii and some other names). It runs Windows 2003 Mobile Edition Pocket Phone Second Edition (or whatever it is called). And it absolutely rocks. Things I like about it: It’s only slightly wider than my current […]