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  • UX Magazine, currently in beta (apparently even magazines can be in ‘beta’ these days) looks gorgeous, and has a very high check-it-out factor (

  • Improv Everywhere’s new mission: Suicide Jumper – Trust me, it’s funny, even though the title suggests otherwise. See also this previous post: Improv Everywhere – Even better than the real thing

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    Long time no post. Anyway, here goes: I finally checked out what is all about, and became instantly addicted.. Only to have them lose power a few days after I created an account. Another not-so-recent ‘discovery’: Metafilter (or MeFi as the young kids seem to call it), and subsite ask Metafilter. Quote from the […]

  • Warning: nerdy links ahead VMware Player – Think of it as the Acrobat Reader of virtual machines. More info here and here BIPT antenna site – check the location of almost every GSM antenna in Belgium, including pictures and plans for the building license. Radio and TV transmitters coming soon. Too bad the interface uses […]

  • Improv Everywhere’s new mission: Even better than the real thing. Check it out now!