emusic.com: Highly recommended!

Of course the iTunes Music Store provides a great user experience, but I’ve recently discovered eMusic as well.


  • Some nice content, mostly alternative stuff you won’t find elsewhere
  • Nice website, makes it easier to discover new music then iTunes (check out the emusic community!)
  • Very low prices
  • No DRM, just normal MP3s
  • Download manager works on Mac, as well as on Windows
  • Not limited to the US. You can download most albums in Belgium as well


  • Few music from majors (although that could be counted as a Pro as well)
  • Download manager doesn’t add songs to iTunes library
  • No album art included with downloads
  • Subscription model – you get to keep your downloads, but there’s a minimum amount of songs you need to download each month (if I understand it correctly)

Currently there’s a trial offer, giving you up to 50 downloads, free of charge. Even if you cancel during the trial period you get to keep your songs, and your credit card isn’t charged a cent. (Beware: if you don’t want to get a subscription, cancel before the end of the two week trial or your account automatically gets upgraded to a real account.)

Check it out at www.eMusic.com..






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